Education Policy Analyst; Corporate Trainer; Educational Consultant; Education Technology Specialist; Instructional Designer; Museum Educator; Education. You can teach community college classes, high school, or work as a writer, a technical writer, or editor with a master's degree in English. You can also pursue. 5 Potential Career Paths for English Majors, None of Which Are Teaching · 1. Law · 2. Publishing · 3. Journalism · 4. Business · 5. Entertainment. Education Roles Outside of the Classroom · School Librarian: Although it will take additional education, some teachers go on to become school librarians. · School. Bachelor's degree or higher in a humanities field (English, Creative Writing, Journalism, Publishing, etc.) (Master's or higher preferred). * Teaching.

You can choose to specialize in special education, early childhood education, or secondary education. You might also consider a dual degree in a subject such as. Jobs You Can Get with an English Degree · academia · communications/media/public relations · marketing · technical writing · legal · instructional. Studying English prepares you for a diverse range of professional fields, including teaching, journalism, law, publishing, medicine, and the fine arts. English. Common job titles are principal, vice-principal, and superintendent. Instead of working in the classroom directly with children, these jobs require a more. Or, English majors might choose a career in writing itself. This could mean journalism--writing for newspapers or magazines, or perhaps freelance writing of. The average salary for writers of over ten years can reach over $75,, making this one of the most lucrative English major careers. High School Teacher. Learn about the best online English careers. Compare tuition rates, job descriptions, licensing, and much more. There are numerous other careers for teachers within the education sector beyond classroom teaching, such as being an educational consultant, a curriculum. The average annual salary for a PR Manager is $93,, making for an extremely. competitive career option and one of the highest paying jobs for english majors.

A love of language, reading, writing, and discussion can evolve into a lifelong pursuit of literature and culture—and a career in a wide range of fields. 15 Top Entry-Level Jobs for English Majors (And How to Start ASAP!) · 1. Corporate Copywriter · 2. Librarian or Library Assistant · 3. Social Media Manager · 4. 15% of English graduates who entered employment found roles as teaching professionals. Sales, marketing and related associate professionals (11%), media. Many professionals with degrees in Education work behind the scenes, whether in school administration, curriculum design, or education policy. There also is an. Apart from teaching, I see relatively poorly paying jobs and a lot of routine: technical writer, copyeditor, customer specialist, clerk, sales. A love of language, reading, writing, and discussion can evolve into a lifelong pursuit of literature and culture—and a career in a wide range of fields. Unexpected Careers for English Majors · Lawyer · Speech Writer · Digital Marketing Manager · Public Relations · Medical Scribe. You might choose to pursue a career directly related to your degree, such as publisher, editor, or writer, or you might decide to pursue careers outside of the. As you will see, English majors enter the professions you might expect (teaching, publishing, editing) as well as all the professions and many careers generated.

There are all kinds of teaching careers to choose from, and some don't even require a four-year degree in education. Teaching assistants and teacher's aides in. Traditional Jobs for English Majors (Besides Teaching) · Marketing and Advertising Copywriter · Publisher · Editor · Writer · Corporate Trainer. Other jobs for education majors may include working with the public as a museum curator or guide, as well as within the realm of educational policy and research. EOU's English/Writing degree is a starting point for a variety of careers besides just teaching. In terms of transferable job skills, an English degree is. There are also opportunities with both public and private sector employers in a range of careers such as HR, market and policy research, retail management.

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