With the New Labour Law coming into effect in the UAE from 2 February , we hosted two webinars (on 25 January and 22 February ) to discuss the. The UAE has implemented a new Labor Law on 2nd February (replacing Federal Law No. 8 of ) governing the private-sector's employment relations, titled “. () of on Rules and Conditions for granting a permit to a worker for employment by a new employer, issued 27 September 27 , clarifies and expands the. Do you know that now you can change your job in the UAE during the probation period? The UAE government has introduced new labour laws that influence. According to Article of the UAE Labour Law, an employee upon end of contract should be given an end-of-service certificate detailing start.

Pursuant to article 45(2) of the Labour Law, where an employer its legal representative has subjected an employee to an assault or harassment in the workplace. Article 44 of the New Labour Law deals with immediate termination of employees without prior notice. It provides for ten (10) different events/circumstances. Yes you can change job in Dubai after completing your probation period with the company. But beware, if your company asks you to continue at. According to the new labor law for limited contracts in the UAE, the duration of this contract corresponds with the duration of the resident visa. Consequently. All employees shall be required to enter into fixed term employment contracts, which should not exceed three years (renewable by mutual agreement). In the event. Recruitment and Employment of Workers. 1 It is not permissible to undertake work in the UAE and the employer may not recruit or employ any worker, except. The new labour law in UAE will now convert indefinite employment contracts into fixed term contracts. Previously, employers could hire. The new legislation obliges all employers to conclude fixed-term employment contracts of a maximum duration of 3 years with the option to renew or extend the. In this case, the New Labour Law also states that the employee's new employer should compensate the old employer for recruitment costs. Employees who want to.

The terms of employment contracts may be changed only by agreement between the employer and worker. If the employer seeks to make unilateral changes to the. Should an employee resign, taking up new employment within three months, the new employer compensates recruitment and contract costs to the. Exploring Notice Periods: Undertones of the New Labour Law in UAE · If the employee wants to terminate the employment relationship during the probationary period. No More Six-Month Ban: This major change will reduce significantly the number of people whom can be affected by a six-month employment ban when switching jobs. In Dubai, the rules regarding changing companies can be quite complex and depend on various factors such as your employment contract, visa type. The New Law now provides employers with the ability to recover reasonable costs if the employee terminates their employment for any reason other than. While the new law maintains the six-month limit for probationary periods, it now mandates that any party desiring to terminate employment. But mind you, the notice period under UAE labour law is 30 to 90 days so 60 days is something that the company can do but they need to amend. Due to the new changes of the UAE labour laws, employees can now have and secure multiple jobs. However, there is a rule that they must follow in order to avoid.

Employers have until 2 February to transition all existing employees that are currently on unlimited term contracts to the fixed term contracts. Probation. Where an employee is currently on an unlimited term contract, the New Law states that these employees will be required to enter into fixed term employment. The employees preserve with the new employer, the rights legislation has been constantly changing as Finally, the UAE Labour Law, the DIFC Employment Law. The New Laws represent the biggest change in the employment law landscape in the UAE for 40 years and while there will be continue to be a period of time.

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